Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Star of Magicians

The special moment has come to talk about the Star of Magicians. Until now we could not speak about this, but now it is a special time, and we have to understand that there are many people who come for the knowledge, but very few are selected.
A person who receives knowledge must also have developed his senses; otherwise this knowledge could be used for hurting others.
For example, when the nuclear bomb was created, it was a sign of modern scientific progress, but it was used by powerful people as another way to become richer, and they created weapons to kill people.
What does Astrology give us?  It shows us the right times to act and do something that will have good results, and also when we should not start something.  the idea to create the school of Astrology is to give people not just theoretical, classic knowledge, but also to use this in a practical way, and to be able to understand how ancient cultures, mysteries and traditions of long ago were able to use Astrology.

The Star of Magicians has 7 rays and every ray is connected with one of the 7 most important planets of the solar system.

How does the life of a human being begin?  It begins at the moment of birth, at the child's cradle.

The first phase of our life is from 0 to 7 years and the 2 planets that have an influence at this time are the Moon and Saturn.  You can see the moon's symbol on the lower right side, and Saturn is on the left side.
 The moon manifests itself in the form of pure perception of the surrounding world, in the form of the grandmothers and mothers, and in the form of the traditions which both of them transmit to the children.
Saturn is a soul of wisdom, and it brings us the concentrated experiences of previous generations, it is just for this reason that fairy tales are full of very wise people, and there is a lot of esoteric knowledge in those tales, which later on will form the child’s world views.
It is important that for those who would like to have babies in the future, to start thinking now, who will be the first teachers of your child.

The second period of life is from 7 to 14 years, and we have the planets of Jupiter and Mercury influencing us.
What does this mean?  In this period of life we receive education, we are taught how to use our minds,.  Mercury teaches us to talk, form phrases and to transmit information.
Jupiter is the school teachers, the social laws which are introduced to our minds.  Each country has its own laws and its own cultures, and it is at this time that the social programming of man starts.  We are taught to fit-in in the social world, and if we are flexible and clever, and foxy like Hermes was, our life will be successful.  Unfortunately, the system of education in this age is directed to forming bio-robots to satisfy the needs of our societies.  Since we cannot use the wisdom of our ancestors in the form of Saturn, we imitate our ignorant parents and family, perpetuating ignorance and superstition.  Jupiter influences us on a not very high level.
The time to think about our future children and the future of mankind has already come, and it is now.

The third stage is connected with the discovery of sexuality in the teenage years, from the ages of 15 thru 25.  On this level there are 2 important relationship planets, Venus on the right side and Mars on the left. 
What do the teenagers do in this period of time?  Wanton growth, acceleration, they learn to have relationships in clubs and in discoes.  At this age, Mars' instincts are to have sex at whatever cost, and it goes together with Venus, with the true wish of love, and to develop in oneself the quality to show the love they feel. 
At this time, a man can really fall in love, and he values love.  Unfortunately, also here lower Mars rules again, and people find only sexual satisfaction.  It is difficult to satisfy oneself sexually, though, because this world is ruled by sexual ignorance.  Children are told that they came from Paris or from a cabbage patch. 

The fourth period of life is the time of the Sun.  I" the ego, here is the period of the age of our supersolar- the 33rd year.  This period starts from 25 until the age of 45.
Here a man finds the manifestations of his/hers potentials of creativity, he can experience glory if he uses correctly the previous 3 phases of his life experiences.  It is the peak of life, because after 45, a man starts to slow down and decrease his striving for success.  Then again, the position of the planets from the 3rd stage return, and before the sunset years, Mars and Venus return and influence the lives again.
In Russia we say; there is no fool like an old fool, old men want to have young partners and 50 year old women can buy 20 year old partners and vice-versa.  This period lasts more or less until the age of 60-62, until the body of man becomes completely weak.

The fifth stage is the second level of Mercury-Jupiter.  A man starts to form the laws for his environment.  "If I say so, so it will be"  And if he uses the wisdom of his ancestors and flexibility and adaptability in social life, the wisdom of tantra for relationships and the wisdom of his "I" (ego), the laws which he will create will be stupid.  By the age of 62 he will lose everything, because Saturn means limitation, or limitations of a mind of the wisdom for a new generation, or enlightenment.  If you observe people everywhere, it is easy to recognize which planet rules each person and what parts of the planets, whether higher or lower, he chooses to develop in himself.
And life can be full and happy.  The passing of the phases of life always are times of crises.  At those times we recommend Dharma -Lakshana, to help the correct functioning of the right programs.  And ask that our soul will come into our life and guide our steps.

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