Full Moon: mysterious time for women

 The time of Full Moon is a magic time For women as, when the power of the Moon in at its zenith, the power of each woman increases accordingly. This is the time that allows women to make their plans and desires come true.
In antiquity, women had full knowledge of the Moon’s magic powers, and during Full Moon they performed magic rituals in order to gather its energy. 
If you want to speed up your process of   tuning into the lunar rhythms, try to perform the first ritual of connection with the lunar energy at Full Moon.

This is a woman’s privilege: as women are in tune with the Universe and Space through the Moon, they are the bridge that helps men to be also attuned with them.
If the woman is not wise and harmonious, if she does not have subtle feelings and intuition, it is very difficult for a man, for her companion, to attune himself to the subtle signals of Space, and to operate in agreement with the Universe.
When a woman is tuned into to the lunar rhythms, she acts accordingly in her life and attracts to her the support of a  man whether she is a career woman, a geisha and lover, or a tender mother and wife dedicated to  cooking, bearing and bringing up the children. In exchange, thanks to her immense sensitivity and inspiration, she whispers into a man’s ear warnings about possible upcoming good and bad luck.  In this way, together, they unite into a single whole, harmony … TAO.

At midnight sharp, on the night of the Full Moon, you can start a ritual.
The very moment the Moon appears in the sky, the women taking part in the ritual make a circle (possibly somewhere in nature). In the centre of the circle they build a bonfire or light a lot of candles. Afterwards, each one of them takes a transparent glass bowl and fills it with water (better if this is taken from a river or a lake, into which the Moon reflects its light). 
Holding the bowl in both hands, each woman walks anticlockwise around the fire seven times, and then stands facing the Moon. She lifts the bowl over her head and feels how the Moon’s energy activates her intuition centre. Then, gradually, she lowers the bowl full of water gradually, stops a little at the high of the centre of the forehead, of the basis of the throat, at the level of the heart, the solar plexus, the lower abdomen and the area of coccyx.

By gathering the Moon’s power, a woman finds her magnetism and a special charm. She can leave behind the external world, and be totally immersed in her sensations.  
As each woman fills up with the pleasure of this feeling, and start perceiving inner power and desire awaken in her being, she walks to the river or the lake, and after pouring into it  the water from her bowl, she bathes in its waters, feeling as pure and perfect as a baby at the beginning of his life path.
Ask the Moon to help to keep the lily of the Soul in the silver of its light…
After this, each woman should go back to the fire and, holding the empty bowl, walk around it clockwise seven times. Then she can let herself go into a dance of harmony with themselves and world.